Suorin iShare Vape Kit


Suorin iShare Vape Kit


The iShare Pods have a 0.9mL e Juice limit and a 2.0 ohm obstruction that are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, which implies that you will get a throat hit from this pack yet a negligible chest hit. The Suorin iShare system gives extraordinary flavor and ought to be utilized with e-Juice or Nic Salts that have a VG% of 60% or less.


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The Suorin iShare Vape Kit is a ultra compact vape pod gadget that enables you to accuse in a hurry of both of you refillable across the board vape pens. The Suorin iShare Kit incorporates:
1 Suorin iShare Portable Battery Charger (Holds two iShare vape pens)
2 Suorin iShare Single Pens
1 USB Charging Cable

Suorin iShare Vape Kit Online

This full Suorin iShare Vape Kit contains the smooth compact iShare charger that holds 2 iShare Single Vape Pens for an incredible encounter for vaping on the go.


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