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There have been many new prefilled THC oil cartridges for vape pens entering the market since legalization began spreading across America.  It’s easier than ever to source highly potent, delicious tasting, cannabis oil in pre-filled cartridges. The demand for easy, mess-free prefilled cartridges is quickly surpassing all other types of vaporizer products. Nobody wants a tabletop like the Volcano anymore, and many people don’t want to mess around with filling the cartridges with the product themselves. Cannabis lovers are demanding pre-filled (or disposal) cartridges for ease of use, and time savings. We tried out the most popular THC cartridges on the market today, to find out which ones lived up to the hype. After trying out 10 of the highest rated cartridges on dispensary shelves, we compiled our recommendations into one go-to list.

We relied on multiple deciding factors about what makes a prefilled cartridge great:The first factor is its capability to produce smooth billowing vapor clouds. There is no more room on the market for a harsh hit. The second factor is the quality and strength of the extracted cannabis oil. The high and the taste must meet our standards.The third requirement for a great pre-filled pen is an affordable price.Lastly, we wanted to make sure there was a level of quality control over the extraction process. Many companies today are finding it hard to pass the government mandating testing. The best attractions are free from pesticides, chemicals, and other toxins. Without further ado, browse our shop  and choose from our best pre-filled vape cartridges 

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